Effective leadership and teamwork requires trust, collaboration, responsibility and the right balance of challenge and support.

These qualities underpin the working partnership I develop with my clients.

What you can expect? 

My approach is centred on understanding your needs and how we can work most effectively together to enable and sustain the changes you want to see. In doing this we will work together, co-creating the journey to ensure the commitment and buy-in of those involved, regularly checking in on progress and being flexible so as to adapt to any changes that may occur along the way.

Whether I'm supporting teams to work more effectively together, raising awareness of what good leadership looks like or creating an environment where people can thrive in the workplace, my systemic approach encourages clients to take a wider perspective, to think about the difference they want to make, how they want to lead and the connections they need to nurture now and into the future. 

Supporting clients to improve how they manage themselves and their relationships with others, their emotional intelligence, is a vital ingredient in my approach. I believe this is the foundation for effective leadership, communication, collaboration and teamwork – creating a growth climate that fosters the performance and resilience to deliver sustainable business results. 


What’s important to me?  

I value the trusting partnership I develop with clients which is founded on honesty, empathy, connection and responsibility.

I work in a relaxed but professional way that balances support, challenge and the space for clients to think, whilst always ensuring conversations are purposeful and outcome oriented. I encourage those I work with to be their authentic self and I practise what I preach, which for me means coaching with "backbone and heart" - being clear, honest and respectful with my clients whilst also creating a sense of energy and enjoyment. 

I want my clients to conclude our work together having achieved their objectives but also to have enjoyed the journey, to have grown in self-belief and be better equipped to face the future.


Why work with me? 

  • I come to coaching having followed a successful career as a business leader. With over 20 years in Director level roles I have a track record of leading organisational change to deliver improved business performance in government, engineering, technology and manufacturing sectors. My business expertise includes strategy development, financial management, business turnaround, process re-engineering, stakeholder engagement, corporate governance, team building and technology venturing. This broad ‘real-world’ experience enables me to quickly understand the varied and complex environments in which my clients operate.

    A fundamental part of why and how I coach is born out of this experience. I have personally experienced the highs and the lows of leading, the collective sense of achievement vs the personal isolation, and learned how my attitudes have influenced my behaviour and the performance of those around me. I believe this makes me a more effective coach with a genuine empathy for my clients and a pragmatic approach to working with them to maximise their personal potential and to create an environment where those around them can do the same.

    I am a qualified Executive Coach, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and an accredited EMCC Practitioner, subscribing to the EMCC's Code of Ethics (see www.emccouncil.org).


    Jessica Green


  • What My Clients Say

    “For the last 2 years, Jessica Green has worked with the RNLI, coaching the Executive Team both on an individual basis, and collectively. I can honestly say that she is the most effective executive coach that I have worked with during my career, and she has made a massive and enduring impact at the RNLI. She has taken the time to understand the motivation and behaviours of individuals, as well as the tensions that are present within the group. Her style is supporting and encouraging, and she has an natural empathy that makes it easy for people to talk openly with her. She is doing a great job”

    Paul Boissier, Chief Executive, RNLI

    “Working with Jessica has enabled me to assess my impact on the team and has also helped the group come together and begin to realise a potential that is greater than the sum of the parts. She has challenged us individually and as a team and helped us to develop actionable plans that are already delivering tangible results. Her experience and manner helps create a safe environment in which to explore and unblock some of the questions that hold back team and personal development – thank you!”

    Mike, CTO

    “As a senior executive it is sometimes necessary to find a safe place to think and question your way through issues, options and solutions. Jessica's experience of operating at senior level adds credibility and value to her coaching skills; she questions, challenges and helps unlock and unblock the answers.”

    Jo, CEO

    “...a professional, yet relaxed, manner with clients, Jessica is credible with leaders in the corporate world given her deep leadership and change experience. I want to work with coaches who can bring practical experience to the table too. I have enjoyed working with Jessica and would recommend her services to my contacts.”

    Matt, Director

    Jessica provided the right balance between support and challenge to help me work through a significant professional challenge. She asked the right questions, used tools effectively and challenged my assumptions. It didn’t take long to get my confidence back on track which enabled the focus to shift from addressing a specific challenge to my wider personal growth. Our sessions were enjoyable and thought provoking and I always left them energised and with clear actions to take.”

    Emma, Deputy Director

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